Open ICT Standards, Engelse versie voor online gebruik

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You are probably not aware of them, but you’re dealing with them every day.

Government and industry use them, and so do you.

You may not even know what they are, but you cannot do without them.

Open ICT standards.

Without open ICT standards we wouldn’t be able to make mobile calls…

Exchange messages…

Safely send or receive e-mails…

Read each other’s documents…

Or use the internet.

Because there are standards, we can connect with each other.

And because standards are open, anyone can connect and you can choose from different suppliers

This may not be new to you.

But did you also know?

That the construction sector uses its own open ICT standards, enabling all construction firms to connect and collaborate in a smart way?

That the waste sector is going through a digital revolution, with data exchange becoming faster and more efficient?

That the entire water sector speaks the same ICT language, which improves the quality of water management?

We live in a network society. We are increasingly connected. Through the Internet of Things, the Cloud, in Smart Cities.

To ensure that we stay connected, we will need open standards more and more. That’s why the Dutch government chooses Open ICT Standards.