Assurance levels for digital service provision - A guide for government organisations

26 okt 2017

The government is committed on a large scale to digital service provision for citizens and businesses. The objective is to achieve a reduction in administrative burdens, better service provision and a more efficient government.

When offering digital services, an important question is how reliable and confidential the electronic information exchange should be. How to choose an appropriate assurance level for your service?
Governmental organisations need to be a trustworthy partners and have to deal with all kinds of administrative laws, including the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation).
That’s why the Dutch Standardization Forum published a guide: ‘Assurance levels for digital service provision’. The guide assists government organisations in making concise and transparent choices regarding the assurance level of their digital services. The eIdas regulation for digital identification and trust services (which entered into force 1 July 2016) served as a startingpoint for this version of the guide.

Recently the English version was published, you can find it here.