Netherlands Standardisation Forum


The Netherlands Standardisation Forum facilitates digital cooperation (interoperability) between government organisations and between government, businesses and citizens. Interoperability ensures that different systems are better aligned and integrated and that data can be exchanged and/or reused.

The Standardisation Forum contributes to e-government goals. Goals like further improvement of government services and reducing the administrative burden by automating the flow of information between government with citizens and enterprises. This leads to lower expenditure, improved efficiency and better services for citizens, businesses and public service providers through smart ICT solutions. The use of open standards to support interoperability, (re)use of data and lower dependency on specific suppliers, is the leading Dutch policy.

Organization and goals of the Standardisation Forum

The Standardisation Forum was established on the initiative of the ministry of Economic Affairs on 27 March 2006 to ensure implementation of the policy on electronic data exchange and (re)use of data and electronic services. The Standardisation Forum’s secretariat is part of Logius, the digital government service of the ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

The Standardisation Forum supports the Dutch government in the development, use and establishment of open standards for electronic information exchange. In this way it promotes interoperability within the Dutch government system itself, but also in the relations between government agencies on one hand, and citizens and enterprises on the other. The second goal of the Standardisation Forum is to prevent vendor lock-in and reduce costs in government spending on ICT.

International activities of the Standardisation Forum

Standardisation is transboundary, it does not stop at national borders. Most of the standards that the Forum supports are international standards. Therefore the Forum participates in the European Multistakeholder Platform on ICT Standardisation (MSP) of the European Commission. We also monitor and contribute to ISA², the European Commission programme to promote interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens. The Forum also maintains an informal network with other EU member states.

Our representative for the European Commission, and contact for international affairs, is Robin Gelhard. You can contact him by e-mail or by mobile phone: + 31 611 74 86 87.

Documents of the Standardisation Forum

Most documents relating to the activities of the Dutch Standardisation Forum are only available in Dutch. However, some reports are either translated or originally drafted in English. Links to these documents can be found in the archive. The documents are organized by topic.

In 2017 during the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards our information video on open ICT standards was awarded Silver in the category Informational Films.